Risk Bulletin – Q4 2020
Aon's Professional Services team brings to your inbox, the latest insurance and risk sector news, new team members and the latest hot topics within the insurance industry and some well needed festive cheer!

10 Ways COVID-19 Could Change Workplace Wellbeing
In our 10 Ways COVID-19 Could Change Workplace Wellbeing employer guide, Aon’s Head of Health Management - Charles Alberts shares 10 predictions for how the pandemic may forever change the way businesses approach the health and wellbeing of their most important asset, their people!
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Loneliness – How Employers Can Support This Growing Social Challenge
Loneliness is a prominent social wellbeing topic which has been highlighted even further by coronavirus and is a growing concern for many employers. Our new employer guide Loneliness – How employers can support this growing social challenge takes a look at the issue and how employers can help to resolve loneliness as part of their social wellbeing strategies.
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COVID-19 & Business Interruption
As you will be aware, a judgement was reached on 15 September following the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) legal test case in the High Court, looking at whether business interruption coverage applies to COVID-19 related business interruption (BI) claims.

While we await the outcome of the appeal and acknowledge that each individual circumstance can only be judged on its own merits, here we share some initial thoughts on the challenges surrounding BI cover…
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SAVE THE DATE: Aon's Broking Leaders - Market Update 2021
Save the date for our forthcoming Market Update 2021 Webinar with Aon's Broking Leaders, taking place at 13:15 – 14:45 on Thursday 28 January 2021. It will be hosted by our UK Chief Broking Officer, Helene Madell, and a panel of senior Aon broking specialists.
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Interconnected & Interdependent: Risks In The Age Of COVID-19
While managing through a global pandemic, businesses are at the same time tackling competitive threats and other long-tail risks, Aon CEO Greg Case told participants at a digital event held in partnership with the Financial Times.

Speaking at the opening session of “The Next Big Threat: Is Your Organization Ready?”, Case explained how an exclusive survey carried out on behalf of Aon highlighted that risk is more interconnected and interdependent than ever before.
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Penetration Testing Or Red Teaming: A Decision Makers Guide - Cyber Security Focus
For an organisation concerned about a specific aspect of its cyber security, a common decision is whether to do penetration testing or a red teaming exercise. Here's how to determine which one is right for you…
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How To Choose Your Red Team Vendor Cyber -Security Focus
Given the risks involved in Red Teaming, it is critical to select a vendor that is a good match for your organisation’s specific threat landscape and risk tolerance. Here are 3 key points to consider in your evaluation process.
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Webinar: HR’s Role In Helping Their Law Firms Increase Cyber Resilience
The COVID-19 pandemic has created the largest work from home mobilisation and digitisation of services in history. So too has cyber risk increased in its frequency, severity and impact on organisations of all sizes, not least in the Professional Services sector.

It has also increasingly become apparent that cyber risk is as much a people or business risk, as it is an IT issue, with the role of HR Leaders becoming increasingly important in the prevention and response functions.

The ‘HR Leaders increasing role in your organisations Cyber Resilience’ webinar, presented by Aon’s Cyber expert Mark Brannigan, covers the following key topics:
  • Remote Work – security training to help employees identify and mitigate cyber risks
  • Return to the Workplace – security awareness training and incident response readiness
  • Insider Risk – actively identify and mitigate insider threats
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Team News
Aon's Professional Services team are delighted to welcome some new members and share some triumphant Aon Anniversaries!

Find out more about our new recruits and what their roles will be on the team.
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Season’s Greetings From Aon's Professional Services!
We would like to wish you and your families a peaceful and healthy Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Merry Christmas from Aon's Professional Services team!

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